Cody Emsky – Series of Myths Related to Internet Marketing

The use of the Internet for business and advertisement is a most accessible way to reach up to the bulk of the customer, who is continuously hooked up to their smartphone. The Internet is a boon to the modern world. That is why; the digital marketing is the door to the endless possibilities. With the increasing use of internet users every year, the world has indeed become a global place. The rising demand for the facilities of the connectivity is the main reason for the popularity of the marketing. A well-known method of advertisement, digital marketing has given the world of publication a new dimension.

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Like every innovation, internet marketing comes with its uniqueness and specifications. Some may argue about its reliability and cost. Similar to many other methods, internet marketing is not immune to some group of misconceptions and myths. The relatively newer concept, many of you have just heard the name and, may not have a bright idea about its process of administration. So Cody Emsky debunks some common myths and misconceptions related to online marketing:

cody emsky

  • It is the only way of modern marketing: Contrary to the popular belief that internet marketing is the only method of selling now, it is not Internet Marketing is one of the parts of marketing in addition to the primary and usual tactics for advertisement. Cody Emsky asks you to emphasize the researching the demands among the consumer before jumping for the ad. The old world strategies are still required for creating overall buzz. You can also opt for traditional discount coupon sending to everyone’s physical address. Involving and creating awareness about your product is also very important which you can do it by joining any local organization or clubs.
  • Online Marketing is the pricey privilege: Online marketing is inexpensive and consumes lesser time. Posting anything on social media or sending promotional emails are free. Taking up a domain name and creating a blog only costs a compact package which will only be charged annually. Posting an impressive blog or writing a promotional content takes just a few minutes to do.
  • Trend Always does not work: The pattern of the brand or anything going viral occurs in the heat of the moment. Do not take any single shot of video or post and expect it to become the overnight sensation. Instead focus on creating an exciting series of content, making your customers curious. If any of them clicks, your customers themselves will share them.
  • SEO is no longer alive:Search Engine Optimization is the process when using a combination of commonly used phrases and keyword the sites are ranked first in the search engine. But due to the recent updates of the Google algorithms, using of copied or wrong keywords could lead you penalization. So SEO has become less popular. Though the criminalization is entirely accurate, yet SEO is not altogether dead. Still, now it is the best method to make your website a top searched one. Just you need to careful while selecting a keyword and do complete research before putting it.

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